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Q: How do I go about scheduling an appointment or consultation?

A: There are a variety of ways to schedule with us, either via phone, email, or text message. We work with you to choose a time that fits into your schedule. 

Q: Do you do all work onsite?

A: While we are able to accomplish many repairs onsite, we also have a stationary shop location that allows us to perform more in-depth services without monopolizing your time. These services include wheel building, some full tune ups, and brake bleeding to name a few.

Q: Do you ship bikes?

A: We do box and ship bikes. We utilize BikeFlights for UPS postage, and can work with you to either return the boxed bike to you to ship

-or- to box and ship the bike on your behalf.

Q: Why are you mobile? 

A: We decided to venture into mobile repair after working in the shop atmosphere and seeing the need in the community. We are able to simplify the lives of our customers and also be engaged in the community more fully.

Q: Can I drop off my bike to you?

A: Absolutely. Since we are mobile, an appointment needs to be scheduled to ensure that we are available at that time. However, we work to accomodate your needs and are flexible. Just remember, pick up is free with a $40 minimum repair so don't hesitate to schedule one! 

                Have a question that is still unanswered? Visit the CONTACT page and ask us directly!